( Int.Ch. Dut.Ch. Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods X Crisbourne's Time For Dream)

HONEY, 2009 - 2023

Yellow female

Breeder/Owner : Crisbourne's Labradors

Hips : B 

Elbows : 0

Eyes : Clear 11-08-17


A  wonderful companion and a super mum and grandma .Thanks to Isabel for welcoming Honey in her lovely family in the last years .

Honey's Pedigree

ParentsGran ParentsGreat Gran ParentsGreat Great Gran Parents
Int.Ch. Dut.Ch. Ahti Aspen of FinnwoodsFin.Ch. Palabras Blue BayoTweedledum Steamy WindowsNord.Ch. Guideline's Copyright
Jayncourt Jingle Jangle
Fin.Ch. Swe.Ch. Upwards AmandaInt.Ch. Fin.Ch. Swe.Ch. Den.Ch. Biggas Ynga Yellow
Palabras Upwards
Hirsipirtin XedosWinnie's Frankfurter TeamFieldvalley's Fabianco
Novacroft Madeleine
Hirsipirtin AngliaFin.Ch. Narjanas Lamborghini
Hirsipirtin Örriöykky
Crisbourne's Time For DreamDidiscus del NiloRosanan Sweet WilliamSwe.Ch. Novacroft Mixed Spice
Tweedledum Sweet 'N' Rosy
AliceLawnwood's April Jester
Virginia del Nilo
Crisbourne’s Dreamy Bonny StarletGer.Ch. Starlight Fred of DolwenDolwen Edward Seymour
Wilsbury Over The Moon
Bonny ButterflyIt.Ch. It.Soc.Ch. Trewinnard Tea Caddy
Green Red And White of Tintagel Winds

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