( CH Mattand Exodus X Crisbourne's Queen Of Hearts)

OPHELIA, d.o.b.: 09 ottobre 2017

Femmina Gialla

Allevatore/ Proprietario : Crisbourne's

Anche : A

Gomiti : 0

Occhi : ok FSA , 18-09-23

PRA / HC /OSD : Esente

EIC : Esente

DM /HNPK/SD2 /CNM : Esente


Ophelia's Pedigree

ParentsGran ParentsGreat Gran ParentsGreat Great Gran Parents
CH Mattand Exodus Devonshires London Edition FIN CHDevonshires Limited Edition AM CHTimberland Woodsman At Lor- Al
Devonshires Abbey Lane AM CH
Devonshires Darjeeling AM CHLobuff Bobwhite At Chucklebrook CH USA
Dewonshires Jasmine
Amberstead Dark And Stormy Over MattandSilver Suede Over Rocheby GB CHAthi Aspen Of Finnwoods INT CH
Bridgeford Crystal Clear
Dakross Lady in Satin At AmbersteadWilsbury Wild Fire At Halshimoor SH CH
Dakross Billie Holiday GB SH CH
Crisbourne's Queen Of HeartsWaterline's MacaoLubberline Martingale AM CHHunt Club Clayview Funny Bear AM CH
Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib AM CH
Waterline's TheaRocheby Smokescreen MULTI CH
Lucky My Endless Love FIN CH SE CH
Crisbourne's Yellow JewelDolphingham DeeDeeTee IT CHPoolstead Part And Parcel IT PRD CH
Lenches Gipsy
Crisbourne's Dreamy Bonny StarletStarlight Fred Of Dolwen GERr CH
Bonny Butterfly

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